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Long haired rabbit breeds mainly refer to rabbit breeds with longer hair, including the following common species:


English Angora rabbit: It is native to Türkiye and has a large amount of wool, usually milky white or gray.


Long eared rabbit (Belgian rabbit): It is a widely recognized breed of rabbit in the world, weighing 11 pounds (about 5 kilograms), with long fur ranging from white to black, and mixed colored long eared rabbits.


Dolly Rabbit (Curly Rabbit): The hair is very soft and curly, with a variety of colors including black, white, blue gray, etc.


Dolphin Rabbit: The hair is dense, with each hair resembling a small fluffy ball. The fur colors include white, grayish brown, black, and even dark blue.


Dutch tortoiseshell rabbit: The hair is a bit curly, the brown spots are particularly eye-catching, very beautiful, and the color is stable and does not fade.


American standing ear rabbit: The standing ear rabbit refers to a breed of rabbits with upright ears. The American standing ear rabbit is the species with longer hair, straight ears, and linen or pink hair, which looks very charming.



Fluffy Rabbit: This breed of long haired rabbit is native to the UK, with curly and soft fur that is white and gray in color.


French dwarf rabbit: belongs to a small rabbit breed, usually with light gray or light brown fur, soft fur, and easy to care for.


Tea Cup Rabbit (Dwarf Rabbit): It is a very small and compact type of mini rabbit, with long and fluffy hair and rich colors. Common colors include brown, gray, white, etc. Due to its compact size, it is very suitable for single individuals or family maintenance.


Alpine rabbits: larger in size, with longer hair and rich fur colors, including pure white, black, dark blue


In addition to the above, there are many varieties of long haired rabbits, each with its own characteristics and advantages. You can choose the suitable long haired rabbit variety for breeding or maintenance.


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