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Observing morphological features


1. Body type

澤西長毛兔體型嬌小,體重在1.0-1.5kg之間,一般不超過3.5 kg。該兔比較標準的體型應該是短小且圓潤的,并且頭大且圓潤。若眼前的澤西長毛兔身體和臉部都比較細長,可能不純正,盡量不要選購。

Jersey long haired rabbits are petite in size, weighing between 1.0 and 1.5kg, generally not exceeding 3.5kg. The standard body shape of the rabbit should be short and round, with a large and round head. If the body and face of the Jersey long haired rabbit in front of you are relatively slender and may not be pure, try not to buy it.


2. Hair

一只健康的澤西長毛兔,其身體的毛發會十分密集,理想的長度在5.0~7. 5cm之間,挑選時盡量按照這個標準去選。


A healthy Jersey long haired rabbit will have very dense hair on its body, with an ideal length of 5.0-7 Between 5cm, try to choose according to this standard as much as possible.


3. Ears


The Jersey long haired rabbit has vertical ears, with an ideal length of about 6 centimeters and a circle of fur on top. If there are problems with the body, the hair on the ears may appear as hair balls and sparse. Don't buy such Jersey long haired rabbits.


Observing personality traits


The Jersey Hare is a very gentle pet rabbit that does not resist being held or groomed. Additionally, it will not exhibit any self proclaimed or capricious behavior. If a Jersey long haired rabbit's behavior appears irritable and unwilling to get close to you, it is recommended that you give up.


Pay attention to fecal conditions


The gastrointestinal function of Jersey long haired rabbits is average, not particularly powerful, and some young rabbits may have diarrhea. When selecting this type of rabbit, everyone must try to avoid it as much as possible. In terms of judgment methods, it can be identified based on the feces of Jersey long haired rabbits. Normally, a healthy Jersey long haired rabbit's feces are generally smooth and round particles, neither too dry nor too thin. When selecting, if its feces cannot form, it can be concluded that there is a problem with the rabbit's intestines and stomach, and it is not recommended to purchase.


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