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1. Prepare a basin of warm water, pay attention to controlling the water temperature below 35 degrees. As long as your hands do not feel cold, you can also use a thermometer to measure. It should not be hot water, as hot water can cause serious shrinkage of fluffy clothing.


2. Put it in water and gently rub it. Gently rub the easily dirty parts such as the collar and cuffs, and be careful not to rub them too hard as it may cause deformation.



3. When washing, choose a neutral detergent and do not choose a detergent that is too alkaline to avoid damage to the clothes.


4. Find a clean bath towel and lay it flat on a flat surface such as a sofa or bed, without direct sunlight. Lay the sweater flat on top of it.


5. If it is a rabbit hair collar, you can choose to soak it in neutral shampoo or shower gel for about half an hour, then wash it clean and let it dry.


6. Hang up the clothes, spray some water on the clothes with a water spray, not too much, just a little damp, and then touch the corn flour on it, use your hands to do it back and forth, and then pat the corn flour down to clean it. Dirty places can be treated several times more.


7. Starting from one side, roll the towel and sweater together, squeezing them while rolling, and the water will be sucked into the towel. Then, open it again, and the sweater will be half dry. If you go to air dry the sweater again, it will not deform. Of course, if there is a specialized net basket for drying sweaters (a gauze net with a frame on top of the sweater, and then the frame is hung up, which is also sold in stores), the rabbit hair will become fluffy after being dried and patted.


8. Rabbit hair has strong moisture absorption, so it is important to pay attention to moisture prevention during rainy seasons and humid areas, as it can easily cause microbial growth and reproduction after moisture absorption, leading to discoloration and deterioration of rabbit hair. So, in addition to sealing the boxes, cabinets, and other utensils that hold rabbit hair, they should not be stored on the ground or against walls. Quicklime can be sprinkled on the corners and floors to absorb moisture, and indoor ventilation and dryness should be achieved as much as possible.


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